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Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

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Breast Augmentation with Fat

Like the look, but don’t want implants? No problem! There is an option for you.

What is a breast augmentation with fat?

For those who prefer a completely natural approach for breast augmentation, a fat transfer to the breasts can be used to increase breast size and fullness. Liposuction is used to remove your own fat, which is purified then injected to the breasts in a precise, targeted pattern for ideal contouring to match your breast augmentation goals. In the long term, the fat added to the breast mimics natural breast tissue to provide a very natural, augmented appearance. As an added benefit, patients enjoy the results of body sculpting from the liposuction performed to collect the fat.

Am I a candidate for a breast augmentation by fat transfer?

The best candidates for breast augmentation with fat transfer are women undergoing their first breast augmentation procedure, women who want to add targeted volume around recently placed breast implants, and women who are having their breast implants are removed, but want to maintain breast size and shape.

In general, you are an ideal candidate for a Breast Augmentation with fat if:

  1. You would like to add volume, shape or lift to the breasts.
  2. You have researched and decided breast implants are not right for you.
  3. You have a moderate amount of excess fat around the midsection to donate.
  4. You would appreciate the secondary benefits of liposuction from collecting the fat.

Where does the fat come from for a Breast Augmentation?

The ideal fat for transfer to the breast comes from the abdomen, flanks, hips and thighs. The fat in these areas closely mimics the natural fat of the breast and will provide a softer and more natural result. Fat from other areas, especially the back, often tends to be too firm and stringy to use in the breast.

Does the fat from a breast augmentation go away when I lose weight?

No. Any fat retained in the breast after the initial six weeks following your breast augmentation with fat is permanent and will not be lost. However, the transferred fat will mimic the natural breast fat meaning the fat cells possibly can expand and shrink as you gain or lose weight.

Are there risks of putting fat in the breasts?

The most likely risks of placing fat into the breast are primarily centered on fat placement and survival of the transferred fatty tissue. These risks occur infrequently, but include: loss of some or all of the transferred fat, fat necrosis, fat calcification and development of fatty cysts in the breast. The risk of these complications can be minimized with proper fat selection, fat preparation and fat layering techniques during placement.

Can I get breast implants after having a fat placed in my breasts?

Yes. Having a breast augmentation with fat does not limit your ability to have an additional breast augmentation with implants at a later time. In fact, it is common for women to undergo breast augmentation with fat transfer to add natural breast volume then have a smaller breast implant placed to reach their goal. Benefits of a smaller breast implant include:

  1. less added weight
  2. less stretch on the breast tissue
  3. easier recovery after placement of the breast implants, and
  4. easier exchange of the breast implants when necessary.

What can I expect after breast augmentation with fat transfer surgery?

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is performed on an outpatient basis under mild general anesthesia. The procedure typically takes about two to three hours for liposuction, fat processing and fat transfer. A support garment will be worn to help minimize swelling and allow early return to activity. Moderate soreness at the liposuction sites is standard. You will be mobile, but moving slower than normal so we recommend limiting yourself to basic daily activities for 48 hours after surgery. Most patients can resume normal non-strenuous activities with little discomfort after one week. Strenuous activity and exercise will be avoided for 6 weeks to ensure proper healing and survival of the transferred fat.

Can other procedures be performed at the same time as a breast augmentation with fat?

A fat transfer to the breasts can be performed alone, but is often combined with other female breast and body procedures including liposuction, tummy tuck and BBL.

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John Holland
John Holland
The Team is exceptional. The detail, the care, the knowledge that Dr Beck has is spot on. His Team is compassionate and puts the patient first with exceptional outcomes.
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anthony gipson
Anyone considering facial, laser, skin, or augmentation services realizes it can be discouraging trying to find the right surgeon or facility. We research endlessly, only to stay just as confused as when we started. We then rely on word of mouth, pictures, or reviews. In my opinion Dr. Beck and the Sculpt Aesthetic staff are highly competent and you will be very pleased with your experience and results as I have been. Feel free to keep searching the internet endlessly, or take my word for it. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will be more than pleased with your results.
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Misty Pacheco
I had a consultation with Dr. Beck and he was very thorough and explained everything in detail. He answered all of my questions and I felt confident following the virtual visit. His staff was professional and friendly throughout the whole process.
I’ve had the best experience with Dr. Beck and his team. I was well taken cared of before surgery and after which I appreciate! Everybody is very welcoming and professional, I recommend this place to friends and family all the time. The vibe and energy of the office is always great and it’s also really pretty. All the girls are amazing!
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april kyle
I am very happy with Dr Daniel Beck and his great staff! I look forward to my visits as everyone is always efficient, on time and delightful. Dr Beck does great work and his nurse, Linnea is very knowledgeable and assists with my needs as well. I never hesitate to refer people to this center. And I am a proud patron, myself
Mary Ann D
Mary Ann D
From my initial phone call with Marisa making my appointment to accommodate my schedule and going over some details to the time I was handed off to Lindsey explaining the quote and going into more detail about what I was interested in, these women are all TOP notch professionals and have a very kind and caring spirit. Linnea is amazing and you can tell she loves what she does. She listens to what your concerns are and then makes suggestions based on what you are trying to accomplish but by no means does she try to push something on you if you are not comfortable with moving forward. I can honestly say that I have been extremely happy with the entire staff at Sculpt and would highly recommend this office to anyone that wants a one on one experience to where you don't feel like you are just another number. WAY TO GO TO THE TEAM AT definitely have what it takes to make your patients feel very cared for which is very rare.
Celeste Bakaj
Celeste Bakaj
Dr Beck is amazing, I’m very pleased w the outcome of my surgeries and other service’s I’ve received here.
Dario Vinson
Dario Vinson
Dr. Beck did an excellent job removing the bilateral Gynecomastia...for a great price!