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5 Ways We Lose Collagen per Year

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January 31, 2022

Collagen is an important part of every person’s skin. When we are young, our skin is rich with this protein, but collagen begins to decline as the years go by.

Collagen is also responsible for keeping our skin youthful, radiant, and elastic. As collagen levels get depleted, fine lines may start to appear and your skin will start looking more aged.

But what factors cause collagen loss? There are actually many life factors that cause collagen levels to decline. If you are wondering about why collagen is less abundant as we age, you have come to the right place. Here, we are sharing the main ways we lose collagen per year.

1. UV Exposure

Did you know that UV light damages the structure of collagen? You are probably already aware that prolonged exposure to the sun can put your health at risk, but the sun’s rays can also play a role in aging your skin quicker. There is a proven link between UV exposure and loss of collagen. Anytime your bare skin is going to be exposed to the sun, be sure to wear sunscreen and limit your time as well.

2. Time

Collagen production slows down in most people by the time they reach their early 20s. Once this happens, collagen production decreases about 1 percent each year, which causes the skin to lose elasticity and the youthful plump and glow the older you get.

You may be looking for answers on how to boost collagen. Microneedling therapy is a popular option and we have the full spectrum available for you at Sculpt Aesthetic Center from non-invasive solutions to minimally invasive. If you want more youthful-looking skin, schedule a consultation with us!

3. Smoking

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t smoke, and collagen damage is one of them!

Since smoking decreases the amount of oxygen that gets delivered to your tissues, this causes collagen to degenerate and die. This, in turn, results in wrinkled skin, loss of volume, and loss of elasticity among other items that no one desires.

4. Inflammation

Do the foods you eat cause inflammation? You might want to consider making some changes to your eating habits!

Inflammatory diets trigger your body’s immune system, activating inflammation which can weaken your skin’s foundation. Just remember to stay away from diets high in sugar, processed foods, and carbohydrates.

5. Stress

On the topic of inflammation… stress can actually cause inflammation and collage loss as well!

Stress can lead to an increase in cortisol, a hormone that can decrease the production of collagen. The inflammation that accompanies stress also puts a strain on your skin tissues, lowering your body’s ability to produce collagen.

Now You Know Why We Lose Collagen

While these are factors that lead to collagen loss, the great news is there are ways to rebuild collagen as well or prevent further degradation as quickly. Skin care is essential and the Sculpt Team can help you with a skin routine that is easy to follow. Additionally, there are products that help rebuild such as with skin resurfacing with microneedling with or without radiofrequency.

Click here and find out how Sculpt Aesthetic Center can help you prevent further collagen loss.

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