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Welcome Blog: How to Set Expectations and Achievable Goals in Plastic Surgery

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November 20, 2023

The initial consultation is a critical factor in your plastic-surgery journey. During the consultation, you can set realistic expectations and achievable goals, and you can decide if the plastic surgeon you’re meeting with is the right one for you. What are the best ways to set expectations and goals for your plastic surgery procedure in Frisco?

Identify Your Reasons for Getting Plastic Surgery

It’s important to honestly evaluate your reasons for wanting plastic surgery. You may want to correct a flaw you have always disliked, look younger and fresh, or restore your usual self after an accident or injury. Whatever those reasons are, you’ll need to discuss them candidly with Dr. Daniel Beck during the consultation.

Show Sample Photos of the Look You Want

The consultation before plastic surgery is the perfect time to show the doctor what you want to achieve. Bring photos of your ideal nose, breasts, abdomen, or thighs. These will help communicate your goals to Dr. Beck, who can then tell you whether these goals are realistic and achievable.

The photos will be used as an important point of discussion with Dr. Beck. He may explain that the look you want does not match your existing features. He may then discuss a better and more realistic way to achieve your desired results. When it comes to plastic surgery for men and women, this type of discussion is critical.

Ask Questions

Don’t shy away from asking questions. Once you’re done explaining your medical history and expectations, it’s your turn to evaluate the plastic surgeon. The first thing you need to check is if you are talking to a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Beck. Talk to the surgeon about their experience, credentials, and attitude toward patient care.

Another thing to assess is if you feel comfortable with the surgeon. It’s important to feel at ease with your doctor and to keep an open line of communication, especially about your goals and expectations.

Look at Before-and-After Photos

A surgeon’s before-and-after photos can help you decide if you have found the right plastic surgeon. Look for patients whose features are similar to yours. If the surgeon has gone on to provide your desired results for other patients, you can expect similar results for yourself, as well.

Decide After Fully Understanding Your Options

A proper consultation always includes an in-depth discussion of what the procedure can and cannot do for you, what recovery is like, and what alternative options you may have to achieve your results. Be honest and open with your surgeon to ensure you will get a tailor-made treatment plan.

Listen to the Surgeon’s Explanation of the Surgery’s Potential Results

During the consultation for female or male plastic surgery in Dallas, listen intently when the surgeon starts explaining what you should expect in terms of results. This will help avoid any potential disappointment stemming from unrealistic expectations.

Arrange a Consultation

Set aside time for a thorough consultation before your dream plastic surgery procedure. Take this as an opportunity to educate yourself about the procedure, learn more about the surgeon, and decide if they are a good fit. Contact Sculpt Aesthetic Center to book your pre-surgery consultation today.

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